Course Details

Course Details

This course is a two-module teaching program conceptualized only for S.E Asia, keeping In- mind the time constraints, yet be able to impart quality training in Musculoskeletal ultrasound by adhering to International protocols and hours of teaching. Fee structure is being modified for the next course and we shall be updating the website soon.

Degree earned will be - Expert in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound from International Chair of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Universidad San Antonio Murcia (UCAM) Spain.

Hands on workshop (contact training) 32 hours (total teaching hours - 130 hours)

Self-study and online coaching - 200 hours. - where four assignments will have to submitted to your Supervisor / professor.

Its first of its kinds in the world and only forty delegates in one Batch. The target specialties are: Radiodiagnosis, Rheumatology, Pain management and Sports Medicine, last but not the least Orthopedics.

Dr. J. Antonio Bouffard USA- Director, International Chair MSK USG
Dr. Jimenez Fernando, Spain- Co-Director International Chair of MSK
Dr. Philippe Peetrons - Belgium (for lower limb module)
Dr. Bipin R. Shah- Mumbai, India.
Dr. Nidhi Bhatnagar, New Delhi, India

We had Dr. Bee giok Tan sales form Philippines and Dr. li Gnag Cui, Dr. Cornelius Grobbelaar as Associate Faculty for the upper limb module and will be joined by Dr. Victor Flores for the Lower limb module teaching this year for the first batch.

First module - Upper limb (12-15 the May 2016)
Second Module - Lower limb (8-11th Dec 2016)

Ten Ultrasound Stations with 2-6 pm hands on training with one Faculty podium premier machine
Patient evaluation / reporting formats / MRI correlations/ tips on ultrasound guided Interventions


On site - four days for each module

After each module MCQ's based evaluation + viva + practical exam with specific Supervisor / faculty


4-5 presentations on each module to be submitted to the respective Supervisor for upper limb module by 31 st July 2016, and for lower limb module by 31 December 2016- Evaluations / corrections and modifications guidance will be sent and assessment remarks forwarded to course coordinator for compilation

Last but not the least - Graduation qualifying ceremony / convocation is held at Murcia, Spain, dates declared by the University by March 2017. (VISIT OPTIONAL)

This was our maiden venture: No entrance exam.
Next year onwards, there will be a qualifying exam for the course and it will be open to International delegates as well.


Please log online for registration and scientific program

ACCREDITATIONS: E.S.S.R - awarded 3.5 Cat.3.
DMC /MCI -57 credit points
RCR- Royal college of Radiologists- 26 credit points

Next Batch 2020
May 17th to 20th 2020...Upper limb module
Dec 6th to 9th 2020...Lower limb module


For all related specialties - Radiologists, Rheumatologists, Pain management and sports medicine consultants, orthopedic Ans, only - MD / DNB / DMRD Preference will be given to Life members MUS, and delegates who attended Level I orientation conference Mus 2015.

For the information benefit of Students enrolling for UCAM Expert in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound course 2016

“ An Experto Universitario in Spanish System is the same as University Graduate Diploma as in the American system.

According to general knowledge (and the European Consortium on Accreditation)

Diploma is a name for a paper certificate:

In Spain, "Experto universitario" (University Expert) is more than Diploma Universitario (University Diploma),
since Experto is for a course from 20 to 30 credits (like ours) while Diploma is for a course which has less credits.”

Marco Bruno Bruno
Institutional Relations
UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia
Campus de los Jerónimos, n. 135,
Guadalupe (Murcia), 30107, Spain

"UCAM University has a Post-Graduate Degree in MusculoSkeletal Ultrasound. The prerequisite for this UCAM Program is that the candidate have an Undergraduate Degree from any university. UCAM will graduate this candidate, upon successful completion of this Post-Graduate Degree in MusculoSkeletal Ultrasound. He/she will be handed a Diploma parchment from UCAM University, wherein a Title or Degree of that candidate will be written. The Diploma from UCAM will be printed saying that the candidate has earned the Title/Degree of: "Expert in MusculoSkeletal UltraSound".

Dr. Antonio J . Bouffard,
Director Chair in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound,
UCAM, Spain

University diploma

It is very similar to the Master himself, but with the difference of having a lower workload. In some cases, as with the Group 9 of universities, the subjects for the award of the diploma are official free-elective subjects which, in addition to allowing acquiring a homogeneous knowledge in a particular field through the shared Virtual Campus, are recognized and valid credits for students in their official qualifications of degree or equivalente.3 In other cases, the subjects, as well as the academic content to obtain a University Diploma, it is independent to the official curriculum, and therefore they have their own curriculum. Some of these diplomas are intended to provide a knowledge base to address successfully the agendas of certain types of oposicion.

University Expert

They are aimed at Graduates University of first and second cycle and, exceptionally, to professionals who meet the minimum requirements for access to official university studies provided that they are professionals directly related to the specialty of the diploma. They address matters in any branch of knowledge with a view to its application in professional activities. The duration of an expert program can be from a few months up to one year, i.e., according to the new system of credits their workload would be between a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40 ECTS credits. Between 150 and 400 hours of teaching classes adds this type of program when it is taught in the classroom.

University Specialist

It is very similar to the expert. Some universities distinguish them in order to offer programs on same topic with different level of exigency in regards to access. To be accepted into a University Specialist so sufficient to comply with the requirements of access to University. As well as the expert, the postgraduate diploma is aimed at improvement and professional specialization. Also, the duration of this type of graduate moves in a wide range, from a minimum of 200 to a maximum of 400 hours.