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UCAM will start International MusculoSkeletal (MSK) Ultrasound (US) Degree. This Unique Degree in MSK US at the UCAM aims to train professionals and provide them with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge of MSK US, being a very fast growing Diagnostic and Interventional tool in MSK practice of different related specialties.
The syllabus of the Degree in MSK US has been coordinately designed to meet the need of the different related MSK specialties that will add more to the professional skills. Our syllabus aims to provide students with simple but rigorous contents of Diagnostic and Interventional aspects that will help them in their daily practice. Students, in the course of two Direct Learning Modules get integral and professional quality training, with intervening part of distant supervised homework another two Modules.

In short, the Degree in MSK US at the UCAM directs students how to develop career through a unique training project and clearly focused on the daily practice bed side and office diagnosis needs. Our main idea is that translating the attended Courses into a Degree, and this is happening for the first time in the world in the field of MSK US.

Just to remind you…..Seats are Limited.

Study Plan

The program is going to be conducted in New Delhi and is consisting of 130 Hours divided on Three Modules, as follows:
- The First Module (32 Hours): during the period from 12 th May till 15 My 2016.
- The Second Module (32 Hours): will be in Sept. 2016 (The final dates need to be decided)
- The Third Module (100 Hours): Faculty Supervised Home work.

Title of Expert of MusculoSkeletal Ultrasound is granted by the University.


Well reputed International Faculty members will be teaching:
- Tony Bouffard, USA
- Philippe Peetrons, Belgium
- Fernando Jimenez, Spain
- Dr. Bipin R. Shah
- Dr. Nidhi Bhatnagar
- Dr. Arancidia