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Refund policy

Muskuloskeletal Ultrasound Society is very particular about any feedback from the delegate of our Services. If you send us a message informing about an error, any question or just a suggestion, you will receive a fast and competent answer from our technical support team within 72 hours. As a rule all the majority of problems are solved “on the spot”. Numerous positive report concerning our specialists and services solve that perfectly well.

Please note, that as long as all the work is done manually to ensure best result and avoid any penalties that might be caused by any machine- generated involvement into key SEO activities, we usually DO NOT provide any refunds or money back guarantees . This is a common practice with all responsible and professional interactive companies.

Since the events organized are international with multiple level stake holders there will absolutely no way that all the links can be tracked to refund the fee/ submitted to the Society for the program / event at any point of time.